Welcome to Living on Tilt.

It is possible to weather the storm without abandoning the ship. Learn how Christians can navigate a threatening culture without abandoning their faith or instigating confrontation while remaining true to creed and commission.

storm-sailing (1)
Sailboat hove to in heavy weather

When a sailboat is engulfed in an unexpected storm, the helmsman can face the tempest with confidence. He knows what to do. He prepares the boat to harness the power of the storm for its own well-being rather than struggle to defeat or escape the storm. Christians who put their hope in God, view the situation with God’s worldview, build relationships with God and man, and refuse to become victims can cruise safely through cultural storms that are intended to crush them. This site explores the forces of the culture and the power of faith to enable Christians to stand strong.

This is the site for Christians who feel that the world is chaotic and changing entirely too fast. It is also a site where Christian writers can find help, resources, and an editor committed to flooding the publishing world with high quality Christian books.

Check here for

  • Christian perspective on culture change
  • Discussion of the Christian worldview
  • Solid tips on effective Christian writing
  • A good editor for your next Christian book
  • Devotional guides
  • Bible study guides

Visit here if you

  • have questions about Christian involvement in political and social activism
  • want to feel confident when you assert your faith-rooted principles in conversation
  • want to live counter-culturally with inner peace and strength
  • want to write high quality blogs, fiction or nonfiction consistent with your Christian faith

With the Holy Spirit as the wind in your sails, you may look tilted to contemporary culture.

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