A Special Book Written by a Special Friend

I titled this blog as I did because I think you need to know that Lorilyn Roberts was my friend long before I ever read her book. It would be dishonest to pretend that I did not start reading this book with a predisposition to like it. Having said that, I think I can be honest in recommending it to you.

Lorilyn Roberts, author of Children of Dreams is the single mother of two girls, both of whom were adopted as a result of Lorilyn’s response to a World Vision ad. The images on the ad joined with her own heartfelt wish to have children. One thing led to another, but it was not a straightforward path.

The key to understanding this story is to know that Lorilyn lives her faith. Every chapter is entitled with a verse from the Bible. At every crisis, every turn in the road, God speaks to Lorilyn through scripture. If you think this is a quaint idea that is a bit “too too” religious, you need to read the book. Lorilyn’s testimony to her faith is the backbone of the story.

In 2004, my husband and I made a trip to Papua New Guinea as representatives of an NGO. I recall the sense of being a stranger in a strange land as my husband and I walked less than a mile across Madang one day. We didn’t understand the pidgin chatter all around us, even though the official language of commerce and education in PNG is English. We were not sure of the intentions of people who changed their paths to draw near or draw away from us. How much greater the disconnect would be in a country where few people speak English. Add to the language problem concerns for simple hygiene and personal safety. Lorilyn described a perilous journey in Nepal on a day when rebels had blockaded what passed for major highways in Nepal. Instead of gunshots, she braved volleys of stones, but we all know that stones can be quite deadly. When Lorilyn embarked on her journey to adopt in Nepal and Viet Nam, she accepted daunting risks because she felt called by God to mother two little girls whose prospects for life in their native countries were dismal indeed.

Lorilyn worked through issues of language, government processes in disarray, lies, deceit and personal danger. She listened to her heart, and her heart listened to God’s call. This book will inspire you to ask yourself if you are listening to God’s call to you.

I strongly recommend that you read Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts at Amazon, available in paperback and Kindle versions. The first time Lorilyn saw her daughter Manisha in Nepal, she had the same feeling every mother feels when a newborn is laid in her arms. You will share that feeling with her when you delve into this story from the heart.