Remember Our Heroes

Ordinarily I write about issues associated with living our faith. Today I give thanks that in the USA, Christians are free to live their faith, even though there is substantial disagreement about what that means. It is part of our heritage to be able to discuss such things freely.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have served our country in wars around the world, especially those who gave their lives in those wars. We are free to live and laugh and spend this day with family and friends, free to worship, and free to argue about it, because some have given up everything to protect our freedom.

I want to honor the memory of my faither, William Pollock, who served in the Navy during World War II. He was proud of his service in the Submarine Corps. When he died, we scattered his ashes at the entrance to Pearl Harbor as he had wished.

My Uncle Ray Pollock also served in the Navy. He spent most of his service years on aircraft carriers. He met his wife while he was based in Pensacola, and that is where they lived till he died in 2010.

My brother Dan Pollock served in the Navy aboard the aircraft carrier the Coral Sea during the Viet Nam war.

My Uncle Walt Liddell was in the Army during World War II. He was wounded in the Po Valley assault in Italy.  A couple of years before he died, he told my husband and me about his experience in the war. It was a deeply emotional story for him to tell. It was hard for him to tell us about his friends who died that same day.

My Uncle Joe Liddell served in the Navy in World War II. My mother’s favorite story about him was a postcard he sent home after being berated for not writing. It said, “Still okay. Joe.”

Today is a day to remember the price that has been paid for our liberty. It would be a good day to give thanks for all who live and die to protect us and to thank God for the gift of this great nation. May God protect our country from her enemies without and within.