A Hymn for Meditation

O Bread of Life from Heaven

O bread of life from heaven
O food to pilgrims given,
O manna from above;
Feed with the blessed sweetness
Of your divine completeness
The souls that want and need your love.

We love you, Jesus, tender,
In all your hidden splendor
Within these means of grace.
Oh, let the veil be riven,
And our clear eye in heaven
Behold your glory face to face.
   Latin hymn translated by Hugh T. Henry

 ·         What is the bread of life from heaven?
·         What did Jesus say after the feeding of the five thousand that explains the phrase “feed with the blessed sweetness?”  (see John  6:35)
·         Why does the hymnwriter describe Jesus’ splendor as “hidden?” What does he mean by “let the veil be riven?” (Matthew 27:50-52)
·         Where in the Bible is there a description of the way Jesus will appear in heaven? How does that image help you in difficult experiences?