A Hymn for Meditation

O Living Bread From Heaven  

O living Bread from heaven,
How well you feed your guest!
The gifts that you have given
Have filled my heart with rest.

O wondrous food of blessing!
O cup that heals our woes!
My heart, this gift possessing,
In thankful song o’erflows.

Oh, grant me then, well-strengthened
With heavenly food, while here
My course on earth is lengthened,
To serve you, free from fear.

And bring me home to praise you
Where none can peace destroy,
Where I will ever raise you
Glad songs in endless joy.

  • Why does the hymnwriter speak to bread as if to a person?
  • What does it mean to me that this bread is living and that it came from heaven?
  • What sort of strength does this “heavenly food” impart?
  • The hymnwriter claims he can serve without fear. Does that mean that he will never be threatened when he serves God? What sort of fear is he free from?
  • What does it mean to you that in your life eternal, nobody can destroy your peace? Does anything in your daily life destroy your peace? What value is this promise to you right now?