A Hymn for Meditation

O Master, Let Me Walk With You

O Master, let me walk with you
In lowly paths of service true;
Tell me your secret; help me bear
The strain of toil, the fret of care.

Help me the slow of heart to move
By some clear, winning word of love;
Teach me the wayward feet to stay,
And guide them in the homeward way.

Teach me your patience; share with me
A closer, dearer company,
In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,
In trust that triumphs over wrong.

In home that sends a shining ray
Far down the future’s broad’ning way,
In peace that only you can give;
With you, O Master, let me live.

                              Washington Gladden

  • If you were asked to categorize this hymn, what category would you use? What three keywords would you use to find it in a collection if you did not know the name?
  • In your experience of walking with the Master, what secret gives you the strength to persevere when it is hard?
  • Verse 2 expresses great love and concern for people slow to grasp the good news and those who have wandered off the path. What strategy does it recommend to help these people?
  • Why do those who follow our Lord need patience?
  • How does trust triumph over wrong?


Describe a situation in which you saw hope in Christ shine light on your personal path.

2 thoughts on “A Hymn for Meditation”

    1. This is one of my favorites, too. It reminds me that even when I am on the path, I need to keep my eye on him and turn to him for guidance to help me stay the course.


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