Thank You, Dayna Bickham!

I am deeply honored that Dayna Bickham nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. As a Christian writer, I have felt the same discouragement she feels, as she explains on her own blog. I, too, wonder at times what I am really doing, and why I am doing it.

I met Dayna after we both were selected to be part of Michael Hyatt’s launch team for his book Platform, and we continue to enjoy sharing online conversations and projects. I am blessed by her posts and by her conversation.

The recipients of this award are asked to share seven things about themselves that people are unlikely to know. I guess I could tell a lot more than seven things that people don’t know, but I ask myself why they would care to know all those things! So here are seven things that may at least be entertaining:

  • I was born and reared in the Bootheel of Missouri, a long way from the blue ocean where I now make my home. 
  • My first cat, Dingbat, kept our yard pretty much free of any canine intruders. He waited in trees for them to wander into the yard, and as soon as they crossed the line, he fell upon them with all claws flying. I was very young when my parents gave me a record entitled, “Dingbat, the Singing Cat.” J
  • I used to want to be an astronomer, until I figured out that it was much more about math than it was about the pretty pictures. 
  • I changed my major in college 8 times, and I always say that the reason I graduated was that I accidentally accumulated enough hours in a single subject. I have never used that subject for any purpose except occasional amusement. 
  • I have always regarded it is a mark of valor to have a different opinion than everyone else about almost everything. 
  • When I was growing up, my real ambition was to live on a hilltop in the Ozarks and play in caves. 
  • My mental image for a retreat to peaceful meditation is Alley Spring near the town of Eminence, Missouri

I have not yet chosen 15 blogs to be nominated for the inspiring blogger award. To be honest, I don’t surf around to blogs all that frequently. I will use this very kind award as my inspiration to seek inspiration. I will add blogs as I find them, so come back now and then to check on my progress. 

Dayna, you are an inspiration to me.

Thank you for this honor.

 Inspiring Blogs I Am Discovering

I already know one that inspires me and many others:

Dana Pittman, Spiritual Midwife