A Hymn For Meditation

O God of Mercy

 O God of mercy, God of light,
In love and mercy infinite,
Teach us, as ever I your sight
To live our lives in you.

You sent your Son to die for all
That our lost world might hear your call;
Oh, hear us lest we stray and fall!
We rest our hope in you.

Teach us the lesson Jesus taught;
To feel for those his blood has bought,
That every deed and word and thought
May work a work for you.

 For all are kindred, far and wide,
Since Jesus Christ for all has died;
Grant us the will, and grace provide,
To love them all in you.

                       Godfrey Thring

  • It is not unusual for a hymn to describe God and his work. What is the viewpoint of this hymn? How does that viewpoint shape your experience of the hymn?
  • Does this hymnwriter believe that we only worship and serve Christ in church? Where does he believe we serve Christ?
  • What are examples of  straying and falling in your own life? How does God respond to our straying and falling?
  • The hymnwriter is grateful for Christ’s work in his own life, but for whom else is he concerned? What does this writer believe Christ asks of him? What does Christ ask of you?

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