A Hymn for Meditation

O Christ, Our Hope

O Christ, our hope, our hearts’ desire,
creation’s mighty Lord.
Redeemer of the fallen world,
by holy love outpoured.

How vast your mercy to accept
the burden of our sin,
and bow your head in cruel death
to make us clean within.

Oh, let your mighty love prevail
to purge us of our pride,
that we may stand before your throne
by mercy purified.

All praise to you, ascended Lord;
all glory ever be
to Father, Son, and Spirit
blest through all eternity.
Latin Hymn trans. by John Chandler

  • If you have hope, what is your hope? What value does this hope have for your daily life?
  • Can you envision what it was like for Christ to die on the cross? It is a terribly slow, cruel death. For whom would you agree to endure something like that?
  • We are taught that Jesus died for all our sins. Why did this hymnwriter focus on pride? Do you think you are proud? What do you do because of your pride? How could you humble your pride and become a servant?
  • What image comes to mind when you read the fourth verse?                           See Revelation 7:9-17