A Verse For Meditation

Bear fruits worthy of repentance.  Luke 3:8   Torah Scroll

  • John the Baptist shouted these words at self-satisfied religious leaders who had come out to see the spectacle of this weird prophet in the wilderness. What fruits are worthy of repentance?
  • One translator says that their conduct needed to be consistent with an abhorrence of sin. What does that mean?
  • In The Message Eugene Petersen says, “It’s your life that must change.” How would your life change if it expressed your abhorrence of sin? You don’t become a policeman for everyone else when you change your attitude toward sin. Your attitude is shaped by your relationship with Christ. What did Jesus do because of his abhorrence of sin?
  • One Sunday in a Bible class my teacher said, “Do fruit axiomatic of radical reorientation.” What did he mean?