A Verse for Meditation

Torah ScrollNot by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 

  • Secular thinking is so pervasive in public speech that it would be easy to forget that most people self-identify as Christians. On the other hand, if most people speak like secular thinkers rather than like people of faith, what does that say about the faith people claim? What do you believe is the real proportion of people who follow Christ to the population?
  • The secular way to achieve political and social change is to persuade large numbers of people to sign petitions, demonstrate in the streets and call their Congressmen. What do you believe God wants us to do in order to achieve political and social change?
  • God’s spirit will work change according to his vision of the future. What sort of change would we expect to see if it is achieved by God’s spirit? What things must we do in order to be ready and available for the spirit to work that kind of change in us?
  • In what ways does preparation to participate in the political and social change God will bring differ from preparation to participate in political and social change shaped by a secular agenda? 
  • How do we know what God is doing now in us and in the culture? What is going on if it appears that secular change is overwhelming the change you would expect God to bring about?