A Hymn for Meditation

hymnalJesus Still Lead On

Jesus, still lead on, till our rest be won;
and although the way be cheerless,
we will follow, calm and fearless;
guide us by your hand to the promised land.

If the way be drear, if the foe be near,
let no faithless fears o’ertake us,
let not faith and hope forsake us;
safely past the foe to our home we go.

Jesus, still lead on, till our rest be won;
heav’nly leader, still direct us,
still support, console, protect us,
till we safely stand in the promised land.

        By Nicolas I. von Zinzendorf

  • Paul said that it was a privilege to suffer for Christ. How does the hymnwriter express this thought?
  • Many people express great thanks and praise to God when things go very well for them and they seem to be winning every conflict. What does this hymnwriter say about days when things don’t seem to be going so well?
  • Verse 2 refers to a foe. When the hymnwriter says that we go past this foe safely, what does he mean?
  • It appears from the hymn that the hymnwriter has experienced an assortment of troubles in his commitment to serve Christ. What is the difference in his view of Christ’s presence in this life and Christ’s presence in the next?