A Hymn for Meditation

Give to Our God Immortal Praise

Give to our God immortal praise!
Mercy and truth are all his ways.
Wonders of grace to God belong;
Repeat his mercies in your song.

He sent his Son with power to save
from guilt and darkness and the grave,
Wonders of grace to God belong;
Repeat his mercies in your song.

Give to the Lord of lords renown;
The King of kings with glory crown.
His mercies ever shall endure
When lords and kings are known no more.

By Isaac Watts

  • This hymn praises God in great detail. When was the last time you prayed with words of praise like this? If you were to write a new verse for this song, what would you praise?
  • As you read the words of the second verse, a New Testament phrase surely comes to mind. How would you finish this command? Go everywhere and tell the ……
  • What biblical images are behind the words of the third verse? Where in the Bible do we find information about the end of time?
  • One great Bible teacher says that “worship is the great subversive act that defeats evil.” This hymn is a profoundly worshipful statement. What is it about this hymn that defeats evil?
  • US culture is a battleground. Advocates of secular thinking, Islam and Christianity compete in political advocacy where many of the battles take place. What is the role of hymns such as this one in the life of a Christian attempting to navigate the minefield of politics?