What the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA Actually Means

The homosexual couples who are celebrating that DOMA is ruled unconstitutional should take a little time later today to think about what it means when a federal law can be ruled unconstitutional by revising the definition of a word which has had a single meaning since the first humans appeared on earth. If the meaning of the word “marriage” changes, because five justices want it to change, because they have a social agenda, and if the social agenda of Supreme Court justices agenda trumps the Constitution, then we do not live in a constitutional republic any longer.

It is not a first principle of Christian faith that people must live in a constitutional republic. The first principle of Christian faith is Christ — crucified, buried, risen and ascended to heaven. Christians have lived as Christians under all sorts of governments. Christians gratefully receive forgiveness from their sins through Christ and serve him faithfully. Our first allegiance in all choices is Christ, but our allegiance to him does not require us to overthrow governments that are not constitutional republics.

However, until recently, Christians thought that, as citizens of the USA, they did live in a constitutional republic. They believed that the Constitution meant what the plain language of the document means, and they just naturally assumed that all other language considered against the frame of reference of the Constitution would be considered in accord with the plain meaning of plain language.

No longer. By court fiat, a definition of the word “marriage” which has been the definition since the first humans appeared on earth, a definition that has been consistent in all cultures at all times in all places, has suddenly been revised. For all the time of human history, marriage has meant the union of a man and a woman. By an act of the Supreme Court, that word means something else today. We don’t even know what it means, because in doing away with the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, the court leaves the definition empty. The word “marriage” now means nothing, at least in the court of US law.

A lot of homosexuals think that everything in this post is homophobic. That is not the right word. This post is grief. Grief at the death of the late, great USA, and grief at the end of marriage and family as we have known it. Most profoundly, it is grief that there is no longer any basis on which to assume that any right or freedom of human beings is protected by the Constitution, because as of today, the words in the Constitution mean whatever the court decides they mean on any given day.

The real horror that lies ahead is not, therefore, whether gays can “get married” or “be married.” The real horror is what happens next. Christian know that in politics, some people win and some people lose. If it were simply a matter of acceding to a political loss, Christians would be sad, but not crushed. Unfortunately, in states where “gay marriage” has already come to pass, suits are being filed that tell the story. A florist is being sued, because she exercises her faith, which specifies that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, by refusing to participate in something her religion defines as sin. A school is being sued, because they exercise their faith by rejecting the application of a child with two male parent, something considered to be sin in their religion. People with religious convictions who want to live their religious convictions may well be required to go along with the “gay marriage” idea whether or not it conflicts with their faith. Contrary to public statements on the matter, when the definition of “marriage” changes, everything changes.

For now, Christians continue to believe what they believe and to state their beliefs. That may not be true very much longer. Gay couples think this is fine and a well-deserved reproach to Christians. They should be very sure to remember one thing: if the Supreme Court can simply redefine a word as ancient as “marriage” it can certainly redefine other words that specify other social and political issues dear to the hearts of everyday citizens. Speech. Assembly. Search. Due Process. These words can be redefined by declaration. Beware.

4 thoughts on “What the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA Actually Means”

  1. Genesis 19:13 “for we are about to destroy this place, because their outcry has become so great before the LORD that the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”

    Christians must continue to cry out to the Lord!


    1. Very true. We must pray fervently for the protection and preservation of marriage as God designed it.

      We can give thanks that nothing in yesterday’s decision requires any state to change its laws. The states that protect marriage by law still have that protection. We can give thanks that nothing in yesterday’s decisions requires churches to sanctify unions of homosexuals as if they were marriages.
      The debate about marriage in the public forum is far from over, however. We must certainly continue to pray with all our hearts.


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