A Verse For Meditation

Torah ScrollLord, teach us to pray.  Luke 11:1

  • What do you do when you feel so confounded by a problem that you don’t know how to pray about it? Have you ever prayed, “Lord, help me to pray?”
  • The disciples asked Jesus to teach them, because they observed his prayer life. Have you ever searched one of the gospels for the episodes of Jesus at prayer? Try an online search at Bible Gateway and follow some of the references.
  • When was the last time you prayed The Lord’s Prayer in response to a crisis? What difference did it make?
  • When Jesus responded to the request in this verse, he addressed God as Father and then prayed these words: Hallowed be thy name. How do you begin your personal prayers in your own words? Do you take time to worship God first, or do you get right to the point of your petitions?
  • The gospels tell us that Jesus often got up early before everyone else to pray. When do you prefer to take your time alone with God?