A Hymn For Meditation

hymnalAbide, O Dearest Jesus
by Josua Stegmann, 1628
Translated by August Crull, 1923
Text from http://lutheran-hymnal.com/lyrics/tlh053.htm Public Domain

1. Abide, O dearest Jesus,
Among us with Thy grace
That Satan may not harm us
Nor we to sin give place.

2. Abide, O dear Redeemer,
Among us with Thy Word
And thus now and hereafter
True peace and joy afford.

3. Abide with heavenly brightness
Among us, precious Light;
Thy truth direct and keep us
From error’s gloomy night.

4. Abide, O faithful Savior,
Among us with Thy love;
Grant steadfastness and help us
To reach our home above.

The hymn writer uses four names for Christ. Each name points us to particular traits.

  • When the hymn writer speaks to Jesus, what characteristic does the name evoke? How does this quality assist us in refusing a place to sin?
  • Why does the hymn writer link the name Redeemer and the quality of being the Word?
  • What is the relationship between Christ as light and Christ as truth?
  • How does human faith work in tandem with the faithfulness of our Savior?
  • Secular thinkers believe that Christianity is a set of rituals that happen inside a building. How could you use this hymn to refute that misconception? How could you use this hymn to show Christ’s love?