Meet Randy Kirk

Today I am happy to welcome another visiting Christian author. Today Randy Kirk releases his newest book God Called – He Needs Your Decision! I have invited him to talk about the way his book is a Christian testimony that counters cultural trends.

3D cover shot God Called

Why do you think being a Christian is important enough to write about it?

The Bible says that part of being a disciple is putting our faith in God above everything else, including relatives, money, other idols, and life itself. In this new book I write about the great commission. Jesus said we need to go and make disciples. If you put those two together, it is hard to imagine anything more important that one could do.

You write Christian non-fiction. Why do you call it Christian? How is it different from any other non-fiction?

I also write secular business books. Of course, there is always enough in them about faith to make my position clear, and the books are written from a Christian world view. The new book, God Called – He Needs Your Decision! is overtly theological. Every word has been carefully chosen to reflect Biblical authority.

Do you think of your writing as a ministry?

Definitely! My goal is to help others become true disciples of Jesus and to surrender their lives to the call of God per Isaiah 6:8. Then it is my hope that those disciples will choose to use their gifts to disciple others.

When you write, what do you want your book to do for your reader?

One of my reviewers said this:

I might add, “God Called” may make you feel uncomfortable. I perceived that to be the Holy Spirit showing me areas of my life where I could glorify Him more, but I also felt mercy. Whatever God calls us to do, He gifts us to do. For me, this book was a blend of exhortation and grace. I felt encouraged.

That is exactly the tone I hoped to achieve.

Contemporary culture in the US is rife with conflicts over Christianity, secularism, and New Age ideas. Why do you think a person should be a Christian instead of adopting any of the other options?

I’m kind of a practical guy. So while I have faith in the scriptures, I am still going to say “show me.” The amazing reality is that the Bible is consistently 100% on point. Therefore I make the rational decision that it is right about salvation, heaven, and the rest. Then the feedback to my heart and soul shows me that the actions I take in step with Biblical teachings result in the best possible outcomes.

In your book, what do you share with the reader that will help the reader live a Christian life in the midst of cultural conflict?

My book is so counter to the culture that I don’t even suggest a baby Christian read it. The Bible assumes you are going to live in a new Kingdom. My book assumes the same thing. I am a huge proponent of immersion. What you immerse yourself in, you will become. The book recommends immersion into the culture of Jesus Christ.

What is the difference between the objective of your book and the objective of a secular self-help book?

Self help books generally focus on the earthly success of the person. Fame, fortune, happiness. My focus is on eternal values, intimacy with God, love of God and others, and dying to self. Some of the prescriptions are the same: discipline, immersion, study, intentionality, elimination of bad habits. But the goals and the purposes are completely opposite.

What does your book do for Christian readers who are looking either for entertainment or inspiration?

I hope that I have allowed some of my rather fun loving and optimistic attitude come through in God Called. The subject is serious, but we don’t have to be morbid about it. It is certainly intended to be inspirational, partially just through the teaching, but also through examples from my life and others.

Does your book have anything to say to people who believe that the world is limited to our time/space experience?


In what way does your book serve as your testimony of faith in Christ?

I give many personal examples of my own faith and lack of it. I keep repenting of my lack of faith and praying for God to give me more.

Currently in the United States there is a major conflict between people of faith who operate their businesses according to the principles of their faith and the US government, which states that religious liberty does not apply to a business enterprise. Do you consider your business as a writer to be subject to the principles of your faith?

I am an entrepreneur who has owned 33 businesses ranging from utter failures to very successful. I have belonged to Fellowship of Companies for Christ International for 20+ years. In that group, CEO’s come together to work on making God the Chairman of the Board of our firms.

Secular thinkers often say to Christians, “I don’t think you should push your religion on people who believe something different.” What is your response?

I’m okay with a certain level of in your face evangelism. I would certainly be in someone’s face to keep them from stepping in front of an 18 wheeler. But I think most who come to a serious love of God are first impressed by the works of Christ followers. I hope my fruit is a demonstration of why following Jesus is the best path for life.

What do you believe to be the lasting value of your work to the contemporary culture?

Just as noted before. Every Christian knows that the one command that was made to every Christian was that we go and make disciples. Many are sad because they don’t feel comfortable talking to unbelievers about salvation. I get that, and it isn’t for everybody. But I don’t know anyone who feels uncomfortable sharing with other Christians about their own walk. That helps to make disciples. I just hope that the book will step folks up in their decision making to become better disciples and to work more proactively to disciple others.

What else would you like to say about your personal values, your Christian faith, or your call to be a Christian writer?

I fall short every single day. But I get back up and go at it again. I think that is all God asks. Randy kirk

Tell us about the book you are launching today.

Our Christian walk is always about how much we trust and believe, and whether we trust God enough to put aside our fear. Each stage of our maturing in Christ depends on our ability to repent of our unbelief, our pride, and our idols, and move to the next stage. This is true from our first profession of faith. It is true when we start each new discipline. It is true when we become aware of the depths of our sin and mindful of our need to be continually repenting. It is true when we become willing to be completely dependent on and open with God—intimate with Him. Then we must repent of our unbelief again if we are to fully surrender to a calling. Don’t put off your decision to move closer to God and hear His voice. Get your copy of God Called – He Needs Your Decision! today at and get started on a journey that will lead to a fully surrendered life.