A Hymn for Meditation

hymnalAbide, O Dearest Jesus

Abide, O dearest Jesus,
Among us with Thy grace,
That Satan may not harm us,
Nor we to sin give place.

Abide, O dear Redeemer,
Among us with Thy Word,
And thus now and hereafter
True peace and joy afford.

Abide with heav’nly brightness
Among us, precious Light;
Thy truth direct, and keep us
From error’s gloomy night.

Abide with richest blessings Among us, bounteous Lord; Let us in grace and wisdom Grow daily through Thy Word.

Abide with Thy protection
Among us, Lord, our Strength,
Lest world and Satan fell us
And overcome at length.

Jo­shua Steg­mann (Text from http://classic-hymns.com/, text in the public domain)

  • What did Jesus teach us about protection from Satan’s power? (hint, read Matthew 6:9-13)
  • We know that Jesus is the Living Word. What other Word helps us to experience peace and joy?
  • What important value does the hymn writer equate with the Light of the world?
  • The Bible is referenced twice in this hymn. Where?
  • How does the hymn writer say that we are able to resist the pressure of the culture to conform to ungodly values and behaviors?
  • What metaphors does the hymn writer use for Jesus? How do those metaphors open up our understanding of Christ’s transforming work in our lives?