A Hymn for Meditation

hymnalAlmighty God, Your Word is cast
Like seed into the ground;
Now let the dew of Heav’n descend,
And righteous fruits abound.

Let not the foe of Christ and man
This holy seed remove,
But give it root in ev’ry heart
To bring forth fruits of love.

Let not the world’s deceitful cares
The rising plant destroy.
But let it yield a hundredfold
The fruits of peace and joy.

Nor let Your Word so kindly sent
To raise us to Your throne
Return to You, and sadly tell
That we reject Your Son.

Oft as the precious seed is sown,
Your quick’ning grace bestow,
That all whose souls the truth receive,
Its saving power may know.

Great God, come down and on Your Word
Your mighty power bestow,
That all who hear the joyful sound,
Your saving grace may know.

By John Cawood
Text from www.cyberhymnal.com

  • This hymn about the Bible borrows imagery from one of Christ’s parables. What parable is referenced throughout the hymn?
  • What are some of the ways the “foe” diminishes respect for the Bible? On what basis does the “foe” claim that the Bible is irrelevant today?
  • Where did the hymn writer get the idea that God’s Word would go back to him? What does God say is the case when his Word returns?
  • Some say that the content of the Bible is a bunch of myths written by ancient people to explain things they did not understand. What do you say is the content of God’s Word? See vs. 4
  • Some say that the Bible is an ancient book about “the sacred” which has little relevance to modern life. What do you say is the purpose of God’s Word?