A Verse for Meditation

TTorah Scrollhus says the LORD, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god.” Isaiah 44:6

  • Secular activists file lawsuits when a city council invites a Christian pastor to lead prayer before a meeting. What is God’s answer? What is your answer?
  • Secular thinkers reject both God and the Bible. In their minds, God does not exist and the Bible is an old book that is irrelevant in the twenty-first century. If you can’t mention God and cannot use the Bible as a reference, how to you discuss your differences with secular thinkers?
  • There are even Christians who will dispute the Bible’s teaching that Jesus is the only way to God, because they believe God exists but they say it is unfair that Jesus is the only way. How do you express your reason for believing the Bible without becoming confrontational?
  • If you have a Muslim neighbor, that person may tell you that Jesus was a good man and a good prophet, but it is impossible for him to be the Son of God. What does this verse say to that neighbor? What else do you need to tell this neighbor?
  • When you encounter so much rejection and argument in the culture, how does this verse help you?

2 thoughts on “A Verse for Meditation”

  1. When I am surrounded with people who don’t love and obey Jesus I pray then I go look for prayer partners who love and obey Jesus. Everywhere we have moved God has provided a prayer partner. I also join Bible studies like Bible Study Fellowship and Precepts Bible study. I just love to discuss the Bible with others who are also interested in studying. I also look for a Moms in Prayer group or I start one myself.


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