Stop and Think About a Hymn

Open HymnalJesus, Still Lead On

Jesus, still lead on, till our rest be won,
And, although the way be cheerless,
We will follow calm and fearless,
Guide us by Thy hand to the promised land.

If the way be drear, if the foe be near,
Let no faithless fears o’ertake us,
Let not faith and hope forsake us,
For through many a woe to our home we go.

When we seek relief from a long felt grief;
When temptations come alluring,
Make us patient and enduring;
Show us that bright shore where we weep no more.

By Nikolaus L. von Zinzendorf
Translated by Jane L. Borthwick
Text is in the Public Domain

  • Why does the hymn writer speak of the way where Jesus leads us as “cheerless?” When have you felt that following Jesus was a cheerless path? What land is promised as the destination when you follow Jesus?
  • Think of two or three “faithless fears.” How does the hymn writer expect to overcome those fears?
  • What long felt grief weighs you down? What sort of temptation affects you when you suffer that grief? How does the hymn writer suggest that you can get through this grief?
  • What elements in the culture make you grieve? How do you work against those forces? What is the most powerful thing you have ever done against destructive forces in the culture? What do you think God wants you to do about them in the future?