Thank You, Crystal O’Connor

Every Christian should thank Crystal O’Connor for standing up for her faith convictions. She didn’t make a splash. The media did that. All she did is what each of us must do. She quietly spoke her convictions and went on about her business.
Thank you to all the people who have voiced their support for her and her family.
Christians attend church to worship, but that is not where our testimonies are published. We testify each day of our lives in every interaction with the people around us. Crystal simply did what she would do on any day. It was like breathing. That is what our testimony should be. Breathing our faith.
The USA was founded by people who believed that people of faith should be able to breathe and live their faith without hindrance. The First Amendment was written to protect that God-given right and responsibility. Pray for Crystal and pray for every Christian challenged by ungodly assaults every day. May each of us be strong in our testimony.
It is particularly poignant to contemplate the fact that this episode took place on Holy Week. Today we remember that our Lord Jesus Christ died for us to save us all from our sins. The world still rejects his real message. He loved everyone, but never, not even once, did he share in the sin of anyone. His message was, “Go, and sin no more.”
Pray for our nation. May the USA always protect the free exercise of faith every day.