National Name Yourself Day

flaming tongue

My good friend Kathi Macias daily informs her friends on Facebook of all the different things being celebrated on any given day. I was blown away today when she announced “National Name Yourself Day.” This is my day! I want a new name. I know that in heaven Christ will give me a new name, but today, I want to name myself.

I choose the name Firesinger.

I sing the songs the Holy Spirit sang as the tongues of fire lingered over the heads of those gathered in the upper room on Pentecost. I don’t know if all my songs will be lyrical. Some may be lists. Some might be essays or scribbled notes. But they are songs, nonetheless, because if I can name myself, then I can label what is a song and what isn’t. After all, if I sing it, it is a song!

Each of us is to be a flaming tongue in the world. When Jesus went back to heaven, he told us to get busy sharing his love everywhere, and in that role, each of us is a tongue, flaring wherever there is darkness, evil, oppression, hatred, lies, and slavery to sin. The light of Jesus flames over the world as the Holy Spirit visits each of us.

My song is the song of everyone who has met Christ and welcomed him inside. I sing of the joy every person discovers when he is set free by God’s forgiveness through Christ, made clean because of Christ’s death on the cross, resurrected from the dismal, dark, despairing grave because of Christ’s resurrection.

Sing your song today and don’t let anyone shut you up.



By Katherine Harms, author of Oceans of Love available for Kindle at

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