Hymn Meditation

Open Hymnal

Praise to the Lord

  1. Praise to the Lord,
    the Almighty, the King of creation.
    O my soul, praise him,
    for he is thy health and salvation!
    All ye who hear,
    now to his temple draw near;
    join me in glad adoration!
  2. Praise to the Lord,
    who doth prosper thy work and defend thee;
    surely his goodness
    and mercy here daily attend thee.
    Ponder anew
    what the Almighty can do,
    who with his love doth befriend thee.
  3. Praise to the Lord!
    O let all that is in me adore him!
    All that hath life and breath,
    come now with praises before him!
    Let the amen sound from his people again;
    gladly forever adore him.

Text by: Joachim Neander

Source: http://www.hymnsite.com/lyrics/umh139.sht

  • What does the hymn writer think is his reason for praise in verse 1?
  • What links health and salvation?
  • How would you explain verse 2 to someone who believe there is a wall between the sacred and the secular in people’s lives?
  • What is the evidence that God’s mercy is present and active in your life?
  • What things about your life do you attribute to God’s mercy present with you at all times?
  • Do you know anyone who would refuse to join you in praise to God? Why? What would you say in an attempt to help them come to know God?
  • What scene (or scenes) in the Bible come to mind when you sing this song?

By Katherine Harms, author of Oceans of Love available for Kindle at Amazon.com.

Image: Open Hymnal
License: CC BY-NC-SA