The Science is Settled

In recent years, there have been numerous proclamations that people are prisoners of a sexual orientation embedded at birth. Only recently has the term “sexual orientation” become common, because most people felt that obvious differences between male and female established both gender and the object of attraction. Whether people believe that God creates humans or that humans come into existence by chance, most people still believe that mutual attraction between males and females is the normal human condition.

The idea that there were many sorts of sexual attraction expressed as sexual orientation and that these orientations were settled at birth resulted the shutdown of numerous programs to help people exercise their choice to be set free of homosexual attraction.

Further, the activist agenda for congenitally defined sexual orientation worked hard to open the door for all sorts of orientations other than homosexual—all justified by the inescapable so-called fact that people are “born that way.” As the pressure mounted for human society to accept every possible orientation as normal, the activists even pressured churches to remove sexual sins from their teaching.

All this momentum was fueled by a belief that science has proved that people are born with a sexual orientation they cannot escape.

Yet today, science is thrown in a heap by a poll of British subjects. YouGov, a market research organization, polled British people aged 18 and up on the subject of their sexual orientation. Each person self-rated between 0 and 6 on the Kinsey scale, 0 being fully heterosexual and 6 being fully homosexual. Analysis of this poll, almost certain to be called scientific analysis, proves conclusively that sexual orientation is neither congenital nor immutable.

Think about what this means. First we were bombarded by the claim that science proved sexual orientation to be a) established at birth by some means never revealed and b) immutable for life. We were all supposed to respect science and get rid of all our misconceptions that a sexual orientation could be a sinful choice. It could not be a sinful choice, because it could not be a choice at all. Science said so.

Now science says that sexual orientation can be whatever someone says it is at whatever time he chooses to say it in any form that appeals to him at the time. It is not set at birth. It is not immutable. But because we have been immersed in the pressure to show respect for every orientation, we must now say that any and every sexual choice is good and right and normal. In short, according to science and the LGBTQI activist agenda, it still is not sinful to engage in homosexual behavior, .

In his masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky explored what happens when someone espouses the concept that “All is lawful.” He plumbed the depths of human degradation, he plumbed the depths of responsibility one for another, and he plumbed the depths of perverted thinking that simply chooses the moral standard that allows one to do what he wants to do anyway. In Dostoevsky’s novel a man murdered his father, and felt he was right to do it, because somebody said that he could know what is right by figuring out what made him feel good. That is the secular mantra that has led to the utter dearth of morality in the cultural landscape with regard to human sexuality.

This is where we are today.

A poll by a market research group administered with no controls or standards can hardly be called scientific, but if there is any glimmer of hope in the situation at all, it is that the conclusion was that it actually does matter how we rear our children. What we teach in word and deed does affect them, and it might even have a positive effect on them.

Where have we heard that affirmation before?

These words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 ESV

What then, is the importance of knowing that sexual orientation and gender confusion are matters of choice? To have freedom of choice means being responsible for choices. When someone makes a choice, it is his own responsibility. We are responsible for our behavior before Almighty God. We can’t blame him or anyone else for what we do. Children need to be taught how to make choices and why to make some choices in preference to others.

God himself, the creator of all that is, seen and unseen, gave human beings guidance for rearing their children, and he said that it matters what you teach them. It matters if you model a healthy heterosexual relationship. If matters if you teach them to abhor sin. It matters if you teach them what sin is and what righteousness is.

Sometimes secular thinkers stumble on the truth or stumble over the truth. In this case they stumbled and the truth blazed up despite them. We know that truth wants to be known, and by the grace of God, it usually comes to be obvious despite all the effforts of the wicked to suppress it. It is good to be clear about one thing. The science is settled. Teach your children the truth about human sexuality and God’s moral expectations.

Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 ESV


2 thoughts on “The Science is Settled”

  1. Unfortunately, some theologians and progressive church bodies, as well as some Christians sitting on the fence between orthodoxy and contemporary social thinking are also embracing these ideas as ‘settled science.’ The secular philosophy often invades the Christian worldview, as the culture and peer pressure often overtakes the formerly committed Christian. We must remember to reject false teaching, secular as well as religious, and seek wisdom.


    1. Absolutely. There are biblical Christians, and there are secular Christians. For reasons I cannot fathom, secular Christians have replaced the Bible with the revealed knowledge supposedly uncovered scientifically by our highly evolved species. It confuses the public discourse, because secularists continually ask those of us who turn to the Bible for guidance why we don’t agree with those who get their guidance from Twitter.


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