Every Relationship Requires Dedicated Time

I hope you will take the brief time required to answer my poll question. I write frequently about the necessity of taking time out of each day for relationship building with God. I don’t usually phrase it that way, but that is what it is all about.

I also invite comments on this general subject. Much of the material I read on the subject of relationships, and most of my life experience validates the importance of dedicated time for health relationships. I appreciate any insight you would like to share.

In the history of the USA, one couple stands out in the area of relationship building–John and Abigail Adams. This couple lived through tumultuous times, and spent years during which they were not able to be physically in the same space. Nevertheless, they wrote letters frequently, sometimes several times a day, because they treasured the connection between them and they took the only means available to them to sustain that connection.

No relationship is as important to anyone as a relationship with God. Yet many people spend little or no time in communication with God. I have been in that number in the past, because I thought I could just whisper my prayers on the go. Maybe you feel the same way.

Please respond to my poll, and please add your comments on this subject. I look forward to a very interesting conversation.

One thought on “Every Relationship Requires Dedicated Time”

  1. not as I ought, but as I am able. I get a devotion from Uther College, and try to read it each morning, sometimes more and so,eti,es less each morning. I pray at odd times during the day, if I hear an emergence siren, see something that needs a prayer, hear of a need of a friend, etc. my best study times are if I am called upon to do a workshop, retreat or program, but tjat is less frequent these days


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