2 thoughts on “Here comes 2017”

  1. The Lord was with us yesterday, we had just dropped my son off at the airport (so he got off ok) and our car broke down. Just outside a car repair shop. A man coming home from church stopped to help us push the car into a parking spot and offered us a ride home.(we are staying 1/2 hour drive from there) Normally he has his wife and son with his but today his son was sick so they stayed home providing a seat for all three of us! We found out that we saw him getting baptized in our beach the Sunday before and they don’t live near this area! Praise the Lord He is
    looking after us in times of trouble.

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    1. Earl, what a beautiful story. This is the time when it is good to remember that Jesus is immanuel, God with us. I can see him walking alongside you through your whole story. Thank you for sharing.


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