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This website is my testimony after years of learning and growing, and I doubt it is the end of the road. I have been blogging since 2008, and my blog has morphed several times since then. It seems that it is time now to pull all my various scattered selves together in one place, just for the fun of it.

When people ask me why I blog, I answer that I help confessing Christians internalize, verbalize and actualize a Christian worldview with wisdom, grace and confidence. It took me a long time to extract this concise statement from all the many things I try to do as a writer, and even this statement misses some aspects that I consider important. However, it states very clearly what I most wish to accomplish.

The cultural chaos today pummels and tumbles people, and we suffer from conflicts in the culture expressed in warped words used and misused to establish positions, judgments and standards. I feel emotional whiplash every time I read or hear a news report. When I realized what I was learning as I researched the problem, I felt I had to share. A blog was born, and it is now a life and a calling.

I blog most frequently about the cultural problems and the way we Christians are affected or about the way the Bible teaches us to understand what is happening. Along the way I wrote a devotional book ,Oceans of Lovethat is my testimony to the power that enables us to hold on to our sanity when the world turns upside down. The book is shaped by my experience as a full-time cruiser on a sailboat, but its realities are applicable to anyone. If you would like to know more about our sailing life, visit my sailing blog.

Recognizing that I relied on the Bible as my safe and sane source of truth to guide me through the culture, when my husband suggested we start a Bible study for cruisers in the harbor at Marathon, Florida, I was ready to do it. I believe God has led me and my husband together to this place at this time for his own purposes. We started the study in 2013, and we expect to continue it into the foreseeable future.

I have been teaching Bible in one form or another for a long time, and with rare exceptions, I write my own materials. For several years, I wrote devotionals for my pastor’s newsletter, and that led to devotions on my blog as well. Devotions for people suffering culture shock just makes sense.

Recently, I completed a second book, a bit more ambitious than the first. This book, Thrive! Live Christian in a Hostile World, examines the life of Joseph for guidance in living faithful to God in a culture that abhors and scorns God and his teachings. This book is currently seeking an agent.

In the midst of all this writing, I found myself caring deeply about the quality of writing under the general heading of Christian work. In the interest of helping Christian writers flood the market with high quality fiction and nonfiction writing, I accepted a few clients. It isn’t a full-time vocation, but I do help a few writers each year. You will find more information about my editorial services by clicking “Editor” on the Home page.

If you are curious about anything, or if you have suggestions for content, please feel welcome to contact me.

With the Holy Spirit as the wind in your sails, you may look tilted to contemporary culture.

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