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Pastor Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Eight Years in Evin Prison in Iran

In news released yesterday (January 27, 2013) Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen accused of being a threat to Iranian national security, has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment in one of Iran’s most harsh prisons. Some reports said that he had been beaten and tortured while in prison since his arrest on September 26, 2012. Please keep Pastor Abedini and his family in your prayers.

Pray for Saeed Abedini

Yesterday I searched but did not find any new information about the trial of Saeed Abedini in Iran. Today I was necessarily offline all day, and Joseph Veseli, a reader just like you, shared an article he found about Saeed’s trial. Please read the article and join me in prayers for Saeed and his family. All Christians who live here in the safe harbor of the USA needs to take Saeed and his family to the Lord in prayer as they endure this persecution. May the Holy Spirit give them strength and courage and the words of testimony that will share Christ and his message with the people who are persecuting him.

Joseph Veseli blogs at and posts some videos you need to see at . Thank you, Joseph, for sharing this important news.

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. Luke 6:27-28

Continue in Prayer for Saeed Abedini

I have not been able to find any news today about the progress of the trial of Saeed Abedini, on trial in Iran accused of being a threat to national security. However, this article may provide background to inform your prayers. Arrests of Christians like Saeed have become common in Iran since 2005. Christians must hold him up in prayer as he awaits a verdict and sentencing. May God grant that the charges will be dropped and that Saeed will be released and permitted to return home to his family. May God sustain him in faithful testimony through this tribulation. May we all join our hearts with his.

The Latest News for Saeed Abedini on Trial in Iran

Today the trial continued, but Saeed Abedini, the accused, was not permitted to attend. See the Update in this article from yesterday. This trial is not conducted the way we expect trials in the US to proceed.

Please continue to pray for Saeed Abedini. He needs courage, physical strength, and the confidence that Christ goes with him through this trial.


In yesterday’s post, I said that Saeed Abedini was helping to build a Christian orphanage. In news today, I learned that the orphanage is specifically identified as non-sectarian. I apologize for that error.

In news posted today, it is reported that the crime of which Saeed is accused is the attempt to convert children from Islam to Christianity. In Iran, it is a crime to convert, and this news makes it appear that it is also a crime to attempt to lead someone to conversion away from Islam. It is not certain if any further witnesses will be called. Saeed’s wife says that she believes that the verdict and the sentence will be announced later this week. Please continue to pray that Saeed will be released and allowed to return to his home.