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Is He Dead Yet?

The latest manifestation of the culture of death has showed up in Belgium. No, it isn’t the news of violence by Islamic extremists, which is bad enough. Islamic extremists are people who kill other people, people they hope are infidels, and they often wreak this havoc by killing themselves. Belgium, however, has added what they hope people will perceive as a charitable wrinkle to the discussion of life and death Continue reading Is He Dead Yet?

Have You No Shame?

An important element of the story of Adam and Eve is the moment when they realize that they are naked. They were both created by God, and they needed no clothing, for they were clothed in righteousness. They had nothing to be ashamed of—until they chose to disobey God.

The way the story is told in the Bible, it is clear that they felt no shame in their nakedness as long as Continue reading Have You No Shame?

American Parents Beware

Early in 2015 a Christian family in Norway was ripped apart because a public school principal complained that the children in the family were receiving “Christian indoctrination.” In 2013 the Republic of Tajikistan passed the “Parental Responsibility Law” which forbids children Continue reading American Parents Beware

What is the Benefit of Bible Study?

Every Bible teacher, preacher, small group leader or any other minister in a Christian church will teach those under his influence that Bible study is important. Methods of study, Scripture memory, and practices such as journaling and word analysis are promoted. Prayer is always recommended, because Bible study is study of God’s revealed truth intended for our guidance in Continue reading What is the Benefit of Bible Study?

Time for Bible Reading

Why do we need to read the Bible every single day?

Life is full of challenges. Some are big, like mastering the software your employer requires you to use for your daily work. Others are simple, like brushing your teeth. Yet when you write down a list of all the things you need to do every day, simply doing all of them may be the biggest challenge of all. Continue reading Time for Bible Reading