Other Services

Other Services

I provide the services below as custom services for a fee specific to the service:

  • Staged Edits – This issue generally arises with regard to an author’s first edit of a first manuscript. If the manuscript review indicates a substantial amount of rewrite may be required, the Deep Copy Edit may be revised to bypass a number of basic edits, until after the rewrites replace some blocks of text. In that case, a custom edit plan and pricing will be designed to assure that all edits are completed in appropriate stages. If indicated, I will make a referral for developmental editing.
  • Nonfiction organization and logical structure building — When a nonfiction book has serious problems with flow due to poor organization and structure, I will recommend reorganization and consult with the author to improve the reader experience. A written recommendation plus phone consultation will be included. The report will have a fixed price, and consultation will be charged at $50/hour.
  • Copyright compliance services – if you have not obtained permissions and have maintained only rudimentary information about quoted text, clips or quotes from the lyrics of songs, or photos, I will contract with you to obtain the permissions you need along with all the necessary citations. The service includes the initial compliance assessment, logged hours to obtain everything indicated by the assessment, and preparation of all required citations, credit lines or other annotations, charged as logged hours. The hourly rate for this service is $65, plus expenses, usually limited to copying fees.

There are numerous other services performed by editors. I do not offer these services, but I am happy to recommend colleagues with experience in these areas.

  • Developmental Editing
  • Fact Checking
  • Indexing
  • Formatting for publication
  • Photo Editing

I simply provide the contact information you need in order to connect with professionals who provide the services. I know them to be qualified and experienced, and that is why I make the referral. I do not guarantee anything about their availability, their pricing or their match for your needs.

Contact me with your questions or to request a price quote for editing your manuscript.

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