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A Verse for Meditation

Torah ScrollThe Lord is my strength and my might; he has become my salvation. Psalm 118:14 

  • Do you worry that trash will overwhelm the earth, that global warming will cause world-wide floods, and it is all your fault? When the psalmist contemplates overwhelming disaster, where does he turn?
  • In Libya, local Christians, visiting Christians, and at the moment two Americans are known to have been arrested and tortured for their faith. Can you take a few moments to invoke the Lord as their strength and pray for their protection and release?
  • What is happening in your personal or family life that wearies you? Are you tired of bickering and petty posturing for attention? Is someone you love behaving more like a thorn than a rose right now? Can you pray this prayer for you and for the irritating people in your life?
  • Do you worry about your country? Do you think your political leaders serve themselves more faithfully than they serve the citizens who elected them? Can you pray this prayer for your country and for the leaders who need to listen to God rather than their own egos?