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A Good Enemy might be Your Best Friend

There is a great deal of public discussion of what Donald Trump the businessman should do in order to protect Donald Trump the President from accusations of using his office to enrich himself. People who regard Barack Obama as an enemy of the people want to stifle such accusations, and all the legal folderol that goes with them.

I recommend we thank the people who choose to bird dog the president-elect with regard to the integrity of his behavior. If they are on point all the time, then the new president will be on notice that he must show integrity and character at all times. I don’t see that as a bad thing. I think all our public officials should do that.

The people who are up in arms about whether Donald Trump should create a complete break between himself and his businesses will keep the issue in the public eye. The public needs to know what kind of person the president is. Since Donald Trump has lived a very public life, it is not likely this scrutiny will reveal anything new, but that is not the point. The real point is that when someone has a good enemy, it is a good idea to capitalize on it.

If the loyal opposition keeps the new president’s feet to the fire, the public will benefit. It is true that legal action involves big costs in time and money, but government people will spend time and money on something, no matter who the president is. If they are busy watching the president, there will be less time for them to hatch new schemes to sidestep the Constitution or increase the national debt.

Donald Trump should be grateful for all his good enemies. While they are watching him, he will be better able to achieve the goals stated in his campaign rhetoric.

The Trump administration should thank the opposing party for keeping the spotlight on the new president. We who watch and pray should ask God to bless the enemies who are busy about His work of assuring leadership with integrity.