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Pray for Justice for Trayvon Martin — and for George Zimmerman

Lady Justice Fountain
Lady Justice Fountain (Photo credit: etgeek (Eric))

I have an opinion about Trayvon Martin’s death. It is a tragedy. Every time a young person dies, it is tragic, because young people are supposed to live and dream and achieve new heights for themselves and others. They are supposed to have families and bequeath values to generations yet unborn. Nobody is supposed to die at age 17.

I pray for Trayvon’s parents who will never again hold their child in their arms. They will never again wonder where he is at 10PM or worry that something bad has happened. May God comfort them and heal their grief at this tragic end to a young life.

I have an opinion about George Zimmerman. His life is a tragedy right now. There is a bounty on his head. Numerous national figures have at best made fun of him, and at worst wished him dead. People are donning hoodies and trying to send hooligans to his home, if they could figure out where that is. His life is a disaster. The evidence available to me as a private citizen neither condemns nor exonerates him. An investigation is ongoing. Nobody knows the outcome yet.

I pray for George Zimmerman. May he be comforted as he goes over and over the events of that night. May he find it in himself to speak only the truth to investigaors. May he be protected from vigilantes who would like to take the place of judge, jury and executioner. May real justice prevail in this case.

I have an opinion about the investigation of Trayvon Martin’s death. May the investigators be committed to the truth. May the truth be made evident. May justice be done. May demonstrators and national egos be calmed and quieted as people gain confidence that justice will be done.

We don’t need violent outbursts. We don’t need unjustified accusations. We do not need our national leaders in government, religion and social programs to accuse the Sanford police of racism.

Use of the term ‘racism’ must be abandoned. When people use this term, they always intentionally rouse anger and hatred and violence. They know what they are doing. This case does not justify that sort of deliberate rabble-rousing. Pray for justice. Build confidence in the police. As a nation we need our police, because there really are people who would happily murder anyone just for the fun of it. Let’s don’t destroy police and the work they do for the temporary self-aggrandizement of national fame over marching and speaking as vigilantes. Pray for justice. Work for justice. Do not use the term ‘racism.’ It means nothing and incites hatred. We are not a nation of many races. We are a nation of one race – the human race. Let us pray for justice and work for justice and believe in justice.

Justice may mean that George Zimmerman remains a free man, because he did nothing wrong. Justice may mean that George Zimmerman is jailed, because he murdered a young man who was doing nothing wrong. Let us pray for justice, not for some ego-fulfilling outcome. Don’t take your ego to the streets. Take your prayers and your faith in God to the streets. Praise God for a nation where justice assumes that a man is innocent until proved to be guilty. Be thankful for this policy. You may need it to work on your behalf sometime.

Pray for justice.