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A Hymn For Meditation

hymnalAbide, O Dearest Jesus
by Josua Stegmann, 1628
Translated by August Crull, 1923
Text from http://lutheran-hymnal.com/lyrics/tlh053.htm Public Domain

1. Abide, O dearest Jesus,
Among us with Thy grace
That Satan may not harm us
Nor we to sin give place.

2. Abide, O dear Redeemer,
Among us with Thy Word
And thus now and hereafter
True peace and joy afford.

3. Abide with heavenly brightness
Among us, precious Light;
Thy truth direct and keep us
From error’s gloomy night.

4. Abide, O faithful Savior,
Among us with Thy love;
Grant steadfastness and help us
To reach our home above.

The hymn writer uses four names for Christ. Each name points us to particular traits.

  • When the hymn writer speaks to Jesus, what characteristic does the name evoke? How does this quality assist us in refusing a place to sin?
  • Why does the hymn writer link the name Redeemer and the quality of being the Word?
  • What is the relationship between Christ as light and Christ as truth?
  • How does human faith work in tandem with the faithfulness of our Savior?
  • Secular thinkers believe that Christianity is a set of rituals that happen inside a building. How could you use this hymn to refute that misconception? How could you use this hymn to show Christ’s love?



A Hymn for Meditation

Blessed Assurance 

Blessed assurance,
Jesus is mine!
Oh what a foretaste
Of glory divine!
Heir of salvation,
Purchase of God,
Born of his Spirit,
Washed in his blood.|

This is my story,
This is my song.
Praising my Savior
All the day long.
This is my story,
This is my song.
Praising my Savior
All the day long.

Perfect submission,
Perfect delight.
Visions of rapture
Now burst on my sight.
Angels descending
Bring from above
Echoes of mercy,
Whispers of love.

 Perfect submission,
All is at rest;
I in my Savior
Am happy and blest.
Watching and waiting,
Looking above,
Filled with his goodness,
Lost in his love.

                  Fanny Crosby

  •  What is the basis of the hymnwriter’s assurance that Jesus is hers?
  • Fanny Crosby was blind. How does she see visions of rapture?
  • What Bible story comes to mind when you read the words “angels descending?”(Read Genesis 28:10-17 to help you remember.) What is the message of this vision? Which of Jesus’ names comes to mind when you read it?
  • What are the two different images of submission about? Do you agree with the hymnwriter’s understanding of this principle?
  • What is the hymnwriter waiting for?  (Read John 14:1-3)