The Chaos

The culture of the USA is in a state of real chaos. When Barack Obama ran for president, he declared that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country. Without the support of many people who simply assumed that any transformation would be full of grace and a big improvement, Barack Obama could not have single-handedly transformed anything.

However, he has made himself the voice and the face of the disaffected in the nation, leading out and speaking aggressively in support of many transformations. No person could make such changes without the willing participation of large segments of the population. The cooperation of a media segment that is eager to be on the leading edge of all sorts of changes has made Obama’s work easier.

Without diminishing Satan’s active role in all the changes, it is possible to point to a number of factors and individuals who have energized the “fundamental transformation” Obama wants and works for.

In my blog and my books and my teaching, I work very hard to help people see what is actually happening, despite the subterfuge of language manipulation and the hijacking of spiritual themes for profoundly unspiritual purposes.

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Katherine Harms

With the Holy Spirit as the wind in your sails, you may look tilted to contemporary culture.

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