A Meditation on Moses’ Farewell to Israel

The word is very near you. YES!

It is in your mouth

That I may

  • Confess it
  • Share it
  • Teach it
  • Write it


And in your heart

That I may

  • Cherish it
  • Remember it
  • Think about it
  • Dwell in it
  • Immerse myself in it
  • Be nourished by it
  • Mature in my understanding of it

So that you may do it.

Deuteronomy 30:14

In this way I will grow into the person God created me to be.

Merry Christmas!

I have been struggling with complications. My computer crashed the day before we left Georgia bound for Marathon on our sailboat. When we finally arrived, we had to wait for a mooring. After we got a mooring, the support tech sent media to the wrong address. After reshipping to the right address, he sent it with signature required, a process not easily managed at this location. It looks as if we might finally begin actual recovery next Monday–maybe.

Nevertheless, God is still on his throne. The Christ child still reigns eternally, bringing peace to hearts in despair. I continue to hope in God, not technology.

The new year will be a great year for everyone who loves the Lord and lives in fellowship with him. His plans are never foiled by cyber-gremlins.

Therefore I confidently proclaim a


See you in 2016.