Help Voice of the Martyrs Help Christians

Christians under assault by mobs or armies often leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are homeless and penniless. Frequently they are beaten and wounded. Voice of the Martyrs delivers food, clothing, Bibles and the important message of hope.

VOM comforts persecuted Christians reminding them that people like you around the world lift them up in prayer and stand as one with them.

Buy a t-shirt. Make a donation. Pray. Stand as one with brothers and sisters in the faith around the world.


Good News! Senate Bill S 2578 Defeated

Free speech and free exercise of religion are fundamental human rights.  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was always intended to affirm protection of those rights. American citizens of any faith or no faith at all should rejoice that the Senate acted to affirm that religious liberty is still a core value in the USA.

A Book Worth Your Time

It is my privilege to review a book well worth your time to read if you have ever considered making a mission trip as a family. Read my review of Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids by Jill Richardson. You might be surprised how guidance for families traveling in a very secular country to share Christ is applicable to any Christian who wants to share Christ anywhere.

Pastor Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Eight Years in Evin Prison in Iran

In news released yesterday (January 27, 2013) Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen accused of being a threat to Iranian national security, has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment in one of Iran’s most harsh prisons. Some reports said that he had been beaten and tortured while in prison since his arrest on September 26, 2012. Please keep Pastor Abedini and his family in your prayers.