I am delighted to feature a post that says what needs to be said, and says it very well.

What Happens when your Worldview is Built Upon a Free Lunch

Ben Woodfinden is a graduate student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada working towards an MA in Political Philosophy. His research interests include the origins of modernity and the relationship between religion and politics. Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton.

It is extremely sad to read the statistics that show how illiterate most self-identified Christians are on the subject of the Bible. How often do you open your Bible and read from it? Do you actually turn to the Bible when things go wrong? No matter what you say, if you never read the Bible, it must not be very important to you.


Executive Order versus Religious Liberty

This article exposes exactly the problem that results when people who claim to be Christian do not hold a Christian worldview. Read about the issues that arise around the president’s executive order prohibiting what he calls “discrimination” against people who choose non-traditional sexual orientations and gender identities. Read