The Tilted Bookshelf

dreamstime_notebookI read a lot of books. Some of them are worth sharing. In these pages I will review books that I find useful, inspiring, entertaining and well-written. If I include a review here, I consider the book useful in the ongoing warfare every Christian faces in the culture of the USA. There are lots of books that are entertaining but don’t meet this standard. I may review them elsewhere, but I won’t put them in this group.

I will include both fiction and non-fiction, perhaps even reference books. However, every book must be useful in building our faith and arming us for the battle with Satan and his army. We do not fight in our own strength, but we do not fold our hands and wait for the sky to fall, either. These books are books that help me stay strong and ready. If you read one after reading my review, please let me know how it has value for you.

What do you think?

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With the Holy Spirit as the wind in your sails, you may look tilted to contemporary culture.

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