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Living on Tilt focuses on life at the intersection of time and eternity, the place where Christians live. We are in the world, but not of the world. People who hold a secular worldview acknowledge that good and evil struggle for dominance but do not acknowledge that either benevolent or malicious power is behind that struggle. Followers of Christ live in relationship with him, trusting that Christ gives power to the good and ultimate victory against evil, personified by the malicious power we call Satan. In relationship with Christ we may not magically end the chaos and destruction in daily life, but putting all our hope in him, we hold a worldview that originates from God’s throne in eternity, we love Christ because he first loved us, we love all people because Christ loves us, and we refuse to allow evil to make us into victims. Like a sailboat in a fresh breeze, Christians appear to the secular mind to be a little bit tilted, because we are cruising through life under the power of the Holy Spirit, and that inevitably makes us look different. This blog explores the issues we encounter when we live this way and examines faith practices that help us live with greater power and grace.

Blog Topics

  • What issues in the world at large collide with our faith?
  • In the USA in particular, how does the First Amendment impact our freedom to live as Christ teaches?
  • What is the difference between living in a culture where Christianity is the dominant religion and living in a culture where Christianity is increasingly a minority religion?
  • What is the difference between cultural resistance to Christian practices and legal restrictions on faith practices?
  • What is the difference between cultural restriction/persecution and state persecution?
  • Learning to recognize key principles of faith and life for Muslims
  • Understanding the integration of faith, culture and politics in Islam
  • Learning the many different ways governments around the world interpret and enforce what they call “religious liberty”
  • Learning how Islamic practice and sharia law impact religious liberty when Islam is the dominant religion in a country
  • Other issues may be covered as they impinge on these core topics.
  • Building faith by meditating on Scripture
  • Building faith and growing in discernment of secular conflict with faith.
  • Learning to recognize subtle intrusions of secular thinking into religious practice.
  • Learning to resist pressure to secularize faith while continuing to show love for people indwelt by our enemy Satan.
  • Studying the Bible to learn more facts about it
  • Studying the Bible to sustain faith and hope
  • Studying the Bible to be transformed
  • Prayer for other people
  • Prayer for self
  • Prayer that worships God
  • Prayer that shows gratefulness
  • Prayer for discernment
  • The gospel is the “good news” we are to share with everyone
  • We cannot grow as disciples unless we know the gospel
  • The gospel is where we see Christ and learn how to be like him
  • Our life in the world at large is always a repetition of Christ’s conflict with the world during his earthly life

© 2013 Katherine Harms




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With the Holy Spirit as the wind in your sails, you may look tilted to contemporary culture.

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